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“FINALLY! A Boca Raton Weight Loss & Fitness Program That Combines the Ultra Fun Environment and Cost Effective Structure of a Boot Camp WITH the Individualization and Extra Coaching That Personal Training Provides!!”
 Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training at Ken Roetman Fitness 

One-on-One Personal training boring…
One-on-One Personal training lacks energy…
AND, one-on-one personal training is missing one of the most important factors for weight loss success… SOCIAL SUPPORT.

Now, on the flip side, One-on-One Personal Training DOES PROVIDE very individualized programming and a very detailed level of coaching. Hold that thought…

Right now, boot camps are all the rage in the fitness industry, and rightfully so. Boot Camps, when done right, are extremely efficient and incredibly effective for weight loss and fitness. 

Plus, they’re just WAY MORE FUN than training alone.

The only downside I see with boot camps is the loss of individually focused attention and highly customized training that One-on-One Personal Training provides. Up until now, it’s pretty much been one or the other, but that’s all about to change thanks to…

Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training at Ken Roetman Fitness 
Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training is fun…YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!
Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training is full of energy…YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!
Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training provides social support…YOU WILL MAKE GREAT FRIENDS!
Most importantly…Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training WORKS!

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Who is this guy, and why is he the authority on personal training programs in Boca Raton?” please allow me a few minutes to introduce myself…
My name is Ken Roetman

So, that’s my story. But, what’s more exciting are the success stories my satisfied clients have! Here are just a few that I thought you’d enjoy…

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your fitness coaching expertise! 
Your fit camp classes have made me feel stronger, healthier and more energized than ever before in my life. I am so happy that I finally found a coach that is always changing the workout, keeping it interesting and challenging. I admire the way you inspire me in each session to do 10 more reps or go the extra 20 seconds. I thank you for guiding me toward getting in shape and feeling great. 

The only downfall is that since I’ve gone down two pants sizes – I can’t stop shopping! And, I can only imagine how much more fun that will be in another few months! Looking forward to our next class!  
Jennifer Michael  

Ken: I just can't say enough about your coaching... its been so long since I've felt this strong. Since Mid March I've lost 15 lbs. and 10 1/2 inches overall! Most importantly, I have never been able to do more than 10 push ups and now I am doing 15 different kinds of push ups - 50 at a time.

 I am strong. I am fit. I feel healthy. I just lost the final bit of my recent baby weight with you - the toughest part - and now I have my sights set on my "pre - any babies" weight (since I've had 3 beautiful babies... I think I slowly put on a stealth 10-12 extra over those pregnancies.) 

So now I look forward to doing that with you. Honestly I do - even though I know its going to be hard! Thanks so much for helping me get to this place. You have a unique gift. Now you are just starting to help my husband break into this new world. We often talk about how great it is to feel like we used to feel back in the day - playing high school/college sports. Really pushing yourself. I just wanted you to know I appreciate it.

“Now It’s Your Turn to Look and Feel as Awesome as They Do! Will You Let Me Help YOU?”

YES! Ken Roetman, I’m ready to get amazing results like Jennifer and Meg. I’m going to call the phone number below to secure my FREE TRIAL in your one-of-a-kind Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training.

Boca Raton Fit Camp Small Group Training WILL Turn This Fantasy Into a Fact!”

Call 561-706-4966 Right Now!

​Ken Roetman has been involved in fitness for over 29 years. With that much time invested I have seen the good and the bad of the fitness industry, and the Not So Many Changes in the way so called personal trainers and instructors train their clients.
Ken has conducted over 29,000 Fitness Coaching Sessions, personally written thousands of personal training programs and taught nearly 7,089 Fitness Bootcamp Classes in the last 12 Years Alone. He has worked with a vast variety of clientele from every walk of life ranging in ages from 5-84.
Providing the absolute best service can only mean one thing, offer the most attentive, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Fitness Coaches available. Let us be your Fitness Success Coach if you will and experience some of the most Qualified and Inspiring trainers and instructors in the fitness world today. You see when someone asks me what my fitness educational background is, I simply reply; I HAVE A PHD IN RESULTS!
  •  Firmer Arms, Thighs and Buns
  •  Increased Strength, Energy and Stamina
  •  Faster Metabolism to Burn More Fat Rest
  •  Reduce Your Midsection by 1-5 Inches
  •  Increased Muscle Tone and Flexibility
  •  Look and Feel Ten Years Younger
  •  Have More Energy than You Did In Your Twenties
  •   Look and Feel Better in Your Favorite Clothes
  • 4-12 Pounds of Weight Loss
  • 3-6% Decrease in Body Fat 
  • Reduce Your Cravings for Fats, Sugars, and Junk Foods       
I feel 10 years younger and could have never achieved these results on my own!

After working out with Ken, I received a fitness education and amazing results. I lost 7.0 pounds, 7.1% body fat, 27.5 inches and lowered my resting heart rate by 10 beats. Ken also taught me how to maintain my results by making the most out of my workouts in 30 minutes and how to workout on the road - now I look forward to working out. Ken's amazing cutting-edge exercises also helped me strengthen my back and knees - I feel 10 years younger and could have never achieved these results on my own.

D Bryant
I am now 57 and my body is firmer and in better shape than it was when I was 37!

If you truly want a good, motivating work-out, Ken Roetman is the one to call. I have always kept myself in relative good shape. I have been playing tennis for 27 years, have run 3 marathons, many 10 K’s and participated in a triathlon and a biathlon. The work-out Ken gives me has produced results that I have not been able to achieve at any other time.

Turning 55 years old, two years ago, found me thinking that my fitness was on the decline and that I should be happy with playing a few set of tennis each week. I am now 57 and my body is firmer and in better shape than it was when I was 37. Ken is a master in assessing weaknesses in strength and endurance. He can fine tune any body regardless if you are a beginner or a competing athletic. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the art of training is truly inspiring. He also loves his work and it shows.

Lee Doddy
A Boca Raton Small GroupTraining Program That Delivers Results!
100% Non Refundable After 30 Days 
Dear Friend,

Personal Training in Boca Raton Will NEVER Be the Same Again!

YES! That is a very bold statement, and I’m more than prepared to back it up.

Until now, personal training programs in Boca Raton have been built on a one-on-one personal training model. In other words, one personal trainer works with one client…typically for a one-hour personal training session.

I’m here to tell you that model, for the most part, is OBSOLETE!